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CUSTOMER STORE POLICIES and TERMS of SALE/USE FOR Maddog Outdoor Outfitters (Includes Our Main Website and all 3rd Party Platforms)

By completing a sale, all customers hereby Agree to all of the Terms Below - ALL SALES ARE FINAL:

In addition to being at least 21, you also have to meet the following requirements to place an order with Maddog Outdoor Outfitters (Maddog Ammo Company LLC - MAAC). You’ll be making a legal statement at checkout that everything here is true, so read carefully.

Affidavit of Customer

  • I am not currently less than twenty-one (21) years old.
  • By selling or delivering ammunition or firearms or accessories to me, Maddog Ammo Company LLC is not violating any federal, state or local law(s).
  • I am not an unlawful user or addicted to any controlled substance.
  • By selling or delivering ammunition and/or firearm accessories to me, MAAC is not violating any state or local law or ordinance.
  • I have never been and I am not expected to be convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence.
  • I am not under indictment for and have never been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for over one year.
  • I am not a fugitive from justice.
  • I am currently not subject to a domestic violence restraining order of any kind.
  • I have not been adjudicated as a mental defective and I have not been committed to any mental institution, nor do I have any current or pending debilitating mental conditions.
  • I am not an illegal or unlawful alien, and I am not a nonimmigrant alien.
  • I have never been and I am not expected to be discharged from the Armed Forces under dishonorable conditions.
  • I have not renounced my U.S. citizenship.
  • I will not commit an unauthorized export of ammunition and/or firearms or accessories.
  • If buying an applicable firearm I have or will review the Youth Handgun Safety Act Notice –

You also agree to release, hold harmless, indemnify, and pay to defend Maddog Ammo Company LLC and its owners, agents, officers, and employees against any resulting civil liability or criminal prosecution if any of the above is determined to be not true. DON’T LIE - you will be responsible for the consequences.

Prohibited Shipping Addresses

I will not request that MAAC ship firearms, ammo, or primers out of the lower forty-eight states of the United States, or to California, Massachusetts, Chicago, New York City, APO/FPO/PO Boxes or any other area that is prohibited by federal, state, or local law. Check and follow your local and state regulations before ordering, MAAC is not responsible for local laws outside of Michigan. (MAAC does ship to Illinois, New Jersey, New York State, and Connecticut where proper documentation is provided).

Order Cancellations

I understand that Maddog Outdoor Outfitters (MAAC) order system automatically submits my order to the MAAC warehouse for picking/shipping and that I cannot cancel an order once placed (seriously, our system sends your order to the warehouse within five minutes of being placed). I also understand that MAAC may cancel my order at any time if I have not abided by the Terms of Sale at which time a refund will be provided.

I understand that if I refuse to accept delivery of an order that I placed, then MAAC will charge me the full cost of shipping plus a restocking fee equal to 25% of the value of my order. In this instance, the "full cost of shipping" is the cost to ship from MAAC warehouse to my house, plus the cost to ship back to the warehouse (which is the same amount of the initial shipment to my house). I will receive back the remainder of my original payment (minus shipping and restocking amounts, as explained above) as a store credit, not as a refund.

We reserve the right to cancel any order if we determine that you have not followed any of these terms and policies. If we choose to cancel your order before the product ships out, you will receive a refund of the full amount, minus a $40 cancellation fee.

Return/Refund Policy

I understand that MAAC only accepts returns for defective products or incorrect items, when customers notify them of such issues within 14 days of their order date.  I understand that MAAC does not accept returns unless the product ordered is defective or incorrect. For shipping damage, see the section below.  For returns, I am to email the MAAC team at if I desire to discuss a return. Finally, I understand that MAAC may, at its sole option, choose to reimburse me by either a refund, a store credit, a replacement of the product, or may be directed to coordinate warranty issues with the product manufacturer.

Shipping and Title

I understand that I will be responsible for selecting a shipping carrier to deliver my order to an address that I specify. I understand that I will take legal title to the products in my order once they are delivered to my specified address. I agree that the shipping carrier’s records as to when and where my order was delivered will be definitive, and that I am fully responsible for my products once they are delivered, to include filing claims with the applicable shipper for damaged or lost shipments.

E-mail List

I understand that MAAC desires to follow-up with me after I place an order to make sure that I am satisfied. Additionally, I understand that MAAC may send me subsequent notices of product specials and announcements and that by submitting my order, registering an account, or entering my email on the MAAC web site, I am agreeing to add my name and e-mail address to the e-mail list maintained by MAAC.

Review Manufacturers' Safety Information

I understand that MAAC is a retailer and that product manufacturers are the best sources for information about their products, such as safety warnings, product specifications, and other information. Prior to buying or using products from MAAC, I expressly agree that I will review this important information from product manufacturers.

Order Fulfillment

All orders are shipped promptly from a distributor warehouse or in-store inventory within 3 - 10 business days using UPS, FedEx, or USPS. Tracking numbers are available for items shipped via UPS and FedEx

Online Price & Description Errors

Online inventory changes every day. Occasionally an item may appear on the site by mistake or the item's description may contain a typographical error. We do not guarantee that titles, descriptions, pictures or prices on our site are error-free.  Also, if there is a difference between an item photo and description, the description will take precedence, since most photos are stock photos and may be innacurate. We reserve the right to refuse any order including but not limited to orders for items with errors in the description or price. In the event that we cancel an order we will not charge the customer's credit card or we will refund the money.

Ammunition Purchases

By law you must be 18 or older to purchase rifle or shotgun ammunition and 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition. MAAC uses a more restrictive policy requiring all Ammunition and Firearms sales minimum age of 21 years old or greater.  All ammunition will be shipped via ground with adult signature required. Always make sure to use the correct ammunition and follow all safety precautions for your specific firearms. Check your local laws for any other regulations.  In addition, MAAC sells locally produced new, reloaded or remanufactured ammunition.  All locally produced MAAC ammo is produced to SAAMI standards, however MAAC is especially released of all liability for any accidents or injuries caused by our locally produced, reloaded and remanufactured ammunition, due to the unpredictable performance of used cartridge brass.

Indemnification and Agreement to Defend

I fully agree that if any of my representations when making purchases under the Terms of Sale are incorrect or if I fail to comply with these Terms of Sale, then I will indemnify, defend, save harmless, and release MAAC and its owners, agents, officers, and employees against any civil liability or criminal prosecution resulting from my purchase from MAAC.

I fully agree that by placing my order, I release MAAC from any and all liability arising from or related to the products I purchased from MAAC, including (but not limited to) my or anyone else’s use of the product, my or anyone else’s storage of the product, and my or anyone else’s handling or transportation of the product, and I agree to indemnify, defend, save harmless, and release MAAC and its owners, agents, officers, and employees against any civil liability or criminal prosecution resulting from the products I purchased from MAAC.

Class Action Waiver

I expressly agree that any dispute resolution proceedings, including but not limited to, litigation, arbitration, and mediation, will be conducted only on an individual basis and not in a class, consolidated, or representative action. By making this express agreement, I acknowledge and affirm that this is a knowing, voluntary, and permanent waiver of any right to bring federal, state, or local claims as any part of, or on behalf of, any class or any other individuals, before a court or other tribunal.

Product, Information, Questions & Answers

Our customer service team has published this Q&A information and other information about our products as a free service to the shooting community and to educate our customers. Please note that MAAC expressly disclaims any and all liability with regard to its accuracy or how the shooting community might use any product information. By reviewing this information, you agree to indemnify, defend, save harmless, and release MAAC and its owners, agents, officers, and employees against any civil liability or criminal prosecution resulting from your use of this information. MAAC also expressly disclaims all liability for any errors in pricing listed on advertisements, and the price as shown on the MAAC website is the final and conclusive price of any product.

Tax Notification

I understand that my order may be subject to sales tax depending on where I reside. Reference the tax calculator during checkout.

Other Terms

I understand and agree that if I decide to file a complaint against MAAC or any of its owners, agents, officers, or employees that such a complaint must be filed within a court located in Knox County, Tennessee. Furthermore, I agree that any such complaints not filed within Knox County, Tennessee shall be immediately removed to a court within Knox County, Tennessee and I agree to reimburse MAAC and any other defendants for the costs of defending against the wrongly filed complaint or effecting its removal. I also understand that any complaint or legal suit I file against MAAC, and any purchases I make from MAAC, shall be governed solely by Tennessee law. This includes any suit filed against MAAC by someone else as a result of my purchases from MAAC.

Data Security

MAAC is PCI compliant. The MAAC checkout system is SSL encryption secured and feeds directly into the secure Fortispay payment gateway. By ordering online, no person at MAAC is able to retrieve your credit card information, ever.  All information collected during the checkout process is transmitted via industry standard Transport Layer Security (TLS). A Transport Layer Security (TLS) Certificate (or SSL Certificate) creates an encrypted connection between a Web site and a visitor's Web browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the Web site and the browser remains private and secure.

Monitoring Customer Service Phone Calls

I fully agree that by placing my order, MAAC has my permission, consent, and authorization to record and monitor my phone calls with any customer service representatives.

Your Information is Important (See our Separate PRIVACY Terms for more Details, located at the bottom page of our website:

We use your information to process your orders and to better assist you if any issues arise and to occasionally inform you of product specials or simply to send you a follow up e-mail thanking you for your business.  This website also uses Google Analytics and Google Analytics Advertising Features to help analyze how visitors use this site. Google Analytics uses “cookies” (first and third party), which are small text files placed on your computer, to collect standard internet log information and visitor behavior information in an anonymous form. The anonymous information generated by Google Analytics cookies is processed to compile statistical reports about anonymized visitor data like age, gender, and interests. We use these reports to improve product offerings, improve your experience on the site, and figure out how we can better serve you. By using this site, you are agreeing to submit this anonymous usage data to make your experience better. You also agree to Google Analytics' policies found here: You can opt out of Google Analytics by changing your settings on Google Ad Preferences, by visiting the Google Analytics opt-out page and installing the add-on for your browser, or by opting out via the Network Advertising Initiative here.

We Respect Your Privacy (See our Separate PRIVACY Terms for more Details)

MAAC will not give, sell, rent, or loan any personally identifiable information to any third party, unless we believe that we are required by a court order to do so, or you otherwise give us permission.

Use and Storage of Firearms and / or Ammunition

Here at Maddog Arms & Ammo Company (MAAC) we care about your safety. Firearm ownership carries with it a responsibility of safeguarding the welfare of others and you when handling them. Accident prevention is the user’s responsibility. It is the responsibility of a firearm owner to know and follow all applicable laws (Federal, State, Local) pertaining to ownership. Possession, transportation and use of firearms and / or ammunition.

Trigger Lock

For applicable firearm sales; a Trigger lock or other locking device designed to disable the firearm and prevent the discharge of the firearm is included in this sale. By Signing / agreeing to this form, the purchaser and firearms dealer confirm the trigger lock or other locking device is included and is placed on the firearm in the locked position (This fulfills MSP Form RI-59/PA 265 of 2000 (1)(2)(3)).

Safety Reminders

• Be sure to have a discussion on the safe use of Firearms/ammunition with family members and those involved in your shooting activities. Stress the dangers of careless or unsafe use.
• Treat every firearm as if it loaded at all times.
• A firearm should always be securely stored unloaded and the ammunition stored separately from the firearm, out of the reach of children and unauthorized users.
• Ammunition should be stored in a cool dry place, in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
• You may be criminally and civilly liable for any harm caused by a person under the age of 18 years old who lawfully gains unsupervised possession/access to your firearm if unlawfully stored. As such, a trigger lock, gun case or other lockable device designed to prevent unauthorized access is highly recommended.
• Discharging a firearm at a range without proper eye and ear protection could result in permanent injury or disability of those senses.
• Be sure the barrel of a firearm is clear of obstructions before shooting.
• Keep the safety on and finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
• Be sure to identify the correct target and know what is behind the target before shooting.
• Always keep the barrel pointed in a safe direction, especially in case of an accidental discharge.
• Dropping a loaded firearm could cause an accidental discharge, even with the safety on.
• Bullets can glance / ricochet off of hard surfaces such as rocks, concrete and even water / ice. These ricochets can travel in unpredictable directions with considerable velocity capable of causing damage, injury, or death.
• Alcoholic beverages and controlled substances / medications, should be avoided when using firearms. Possession and use of Firearms while under the influence is unlawful and constitutes a reckless disregard for safety.
• Discharging firearms in poorly ventilated areas, cleaning forearms or handling ammunition may result in exposure to lead and other harmful substances known to cause birth defects, reproductive harm and other serious physical injury. Always have adequate ventilation and protective gear at all times. Wash hands thoroughly after exposure.

Additional Safety Notices

Use only factory loaded ammunition in good condition and of the proper caliber. Any person firing / handling firearms and / or ammunition should follow the policies herein and before using. We specifically disclaim any responsibility or liability for damage or injury whatsoever, incurring as a result of the use of faulty, non-standard, reloaded or remanufactured ammunition; any modifications or changes made to the firearm, or improper handling of the weapon.

Warranty Notice

Except as may otherwise be provided by the manufacturer or supplier, which shall be the sole responsibility of the manufacturer or supplier, MAAC disclaims all warranties. Either expressed, implied, written or oral, including but not limited to the implied warranty of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose. MAAC also disclaims any liability for any special, incidental, or consequential damages whatsoever. Depending on the applicable state, the above exclusions or limitations may not apply.

Regulations Notices

In addition to previously mentioned regulations, MAAC also follows and adheres to all local, federal and state Policies, requirements and procedures for storage, sale, transfer, return and destruction of weapons and ammunition, associated record keeping and record filing, compliance with the National Firearms Act and ATF regulations (27 CFRParts447,478 & 479) and rulings, and responding to and recordkeeping concerning National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

We also follow and adhere to all Policies and procedures demonstrating compliance with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (the “ATF”) Rule 2021R-05 requiring any sale or promotion of gun parts and/or “frames or receivers” to have the appropriate license and to be compliant (e.g., parts must have a serial number, among other things) as set forth at

Contact MAAC

If you have any questions about the MAAC terms of sale, use or privacy policies, please call 810-322-9292 or email