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Local FFL Gun Transfers



If you are in our Local Area and would like to use Maddog Outdoor Outfitters (MOO)

as your Firearm transferring agent, we are happy to assist! Please follow these important steps below:

Please Note - This Local Transfer Form is Not necessary if purchasing a firearm from MOO, since the desired shipping / pickup options are automatically part of the selection process during the checkout when buying online from us.  Only use this form if you bought a firearm from someone else and are having it shipped to us as your local transfer agent (INBOUND TRANSFER), OR if you have sold a firearm to someone else and are not an FFL Dealer you will need to fill out this form in order to legally ship to them through us (OUTBOUND TRANSFER).

We offer 2 TYPES of FFL FIREARM Transfers: INBOUND (Firearm shipped from another store other than MOO, to MOO and we then transfer the firearm to you after it arrives), OUTBOUND (Private Party Shipping Transfer through another FFL), 

Note: Firearms can't be shipped directly to your home or to a non-FFL person. Federal law requires that all firearms must be shipped to a local Federal Firearm Licensee (FFL) Dealer in your State / local area (FFL to FFL Only). Then after a firearm arrives in your local area you’ll need to have the firearm “transferred” to you via an FFL Dealer Transfer.


For Firearms being shipped from a store other than MOO, but being received by MOO and picked up by you locally from us.

After your shipment arrives, will contact you via email. The email will have instructions on how to coordinate for the pickup of your order.
When you arrive to pick up your order, you will fill out the federal and state firearm purchase forms and present a government-issued picture identification. MOO will then complete a background check. Anyone buying a gun in Michigan must pass a background check before the firearm can be transferred to their possession.
Once the paperwork is complete, you have passed the required background check and paid the FFL Transfer fee; the firearm will be officially transferred to you and you'll be able to take your new gun home!


For Shipping a Firearm you are personally selling to someone else, we are happy to assist and can act as your Outbound FFL (Ship from us to another FFL).

After your Transfer order is processed, we will contact you via email. The email will have instructions on how to coordinate for the drop-off of your Firearm with us at MOO.
After your Firearm is received and shipped you will receive an email with tracking information. You will then be able to complete any further coordination with the FFL at the receiving end of the Firearm shipment.

IMPORTANT: MOO will not participate in, negotiate or handle any payments between the private party individuals (the Seller and Buyer). Our purpose in the process is to ONLY complete any required paperwork and transfers FFL to FFL. All terms of the sale and actual exchange of funds/goods/services for the firearm being sold should be handled privately between the Buyer and Seller - completely independent of MOO (Maddog Outdoor Outfitters).

Note: Due to Federal regulations, guns are not returnable. Please inspect your gun thoroughly before completing the transfer. If the gun received at your FFL Dealer is incorrect or damaged in shipment, do not take possession of it. Contact your Seller immediately. After transfer, any warranty or repair work must be coordinated directly with the gun manufacturer.

Review Our BUYERS GUIDE for general details about Online Firearm Sales

Click the button below or the "click here" links above to fill out a firearm transfer form today:

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